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About <span> Stone Tree Farm & Cidery</span>

About Stone Tree Farm & Cidery

Stone Tree Farm & Cidery was established in 2020 by Brian Erickson, Vintner / Cider Maker / President and Frank Haferland, Tasting Room Manager / Vice President. Stone Tree’s name is derived by Brian and Franks educational backgrounds; Frank has a background in Geology and Brian has a background in Forestry. Their love of wine and cider pushed them to pursue their dream of starting and operating their own establishment. Brian has 10+ years of experience making wine and cider. He is a certified Cider Maker through the Cider Institute of North America. Frank has extensive retail experience and specializes in customer service and business management. Together, a perfect pairing.

Our Latest News


Live Music Tomorrow!

Live music tomorrow! Saturday 6/11 from 6-9pm @every_other_sunday will be here to put on a great show!


Now with more taps!

Exciting news! We have our new tap towers and currently have 8 hard ciders on tap!

Our Offerings

Stone Tree Farm & Cidery is a small batch winery and cidery with a focus on quality over quantity. What’s available for tasting and purchase today might not be available tomorrow! Prices and Availability are subject to change.

Flight Samplers

  • Wine Flight

    $ 5.00

    Choose 6 of our wines

  • Cider Flight

    $ 10.00

    All Ciders that are on tap

  • Slushie Flight

    $ 5.00

    All Slushies that are on tap

Our Wines

  • Kings Cardinal Red

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 18.00 per bottle

    A chillable red wine made with the decadent fredonia grape. This Maine grown grape has strong notes of black cherries, making it a perfect pairing with dark chocolate.

  • Albion Road Red

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 15.00 per bottle

    This wine is the fruit of our labor here on the farm. It is a red blend made from last year's harvest from our vineyard on Albion Rd. This wine hits the pallette like a fruity Pinot Noir with notes of blackberries and fresh pressed grape juice

  • Pear-fect Occasion

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 13.00 per bottle

    A sweet strawberry front with a tart blueberry finish. Fresh out of the field, fruity sangria. Perfect to share with anyone you love!

  • Sweetheart

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 13.00 per bottle

    A blend of 3 types of pears with 3 varieties of apples. It is smoth, semi-sweet and full bodied. The pear hits the palate frist then the acidity of the apple gives it a clean finish. A mush have as a wine slushy!

  • 207 CAB

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 15.00 per bottle

    A beautiful, full bodied, and oak aged Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Makin' Me Blush

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 18.00 per bottle

    a very sweet dessert style pink moscato grape wine with notes of fresh fruit; predominantly strawberries and raspberries. It pairs well with a fresh fruit sorbet

  • The Way Ma Made It

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 13.00 per bottle

    Our apple pie wine that is reminiscent of a secret family recipe. Fresh aplle flavor with notes of cinnamon and fresh baked crust. Perfect with a bowl of vanilla ice create

  • Autumn Air

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 13.00 per bottle

    Using pie pumpkins, this wine is a 80% pumpkin, 20% apple blend that we let sit with cloves, cinnamon, all spice, and vanilla. Serve it cold, frozen, or mulled to bring out different flavors. Best served with a slice of pumpkin pie.

  • Sign of Summer

    $6.00 per glass, $13.00 per bottle

    A smooth Rhubarb/Apple blend. The acidity of the rhubarb caramelized the sugars of the apple giving it the unique flavor of butterscotch and caramel apple.

  • Reunion

    $ 6.00 per glass, $15.00 per bottle

    White wine made from Niagara white grapes. It is very fruit forward with citrus and green apple notes. Reunion is best shared with friends you haven't seen in some time

  • What We Doin?!

    $ 6.00 per glass, $15.00 per bottle

    Made from concord red grapes, this wine is semi-sweet with a tate that reminds you of grape jelly or a grape popsicle without all the sugar. Named after someone truly special Tony. After a glass of this it'll leave you asking, 'What we doin?!'

  • Razza-D`Apple

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 13.00 per bottle

    Wat happens when raspberry meets apple? RAZZA-D APPLE! It is our light and refreshing raspberry apple blend. It caresses the pallet like a sweet rose with a raspberry twist.

  • Strawberry Sunset

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 13.00 per bottle

    A blend of strawberry and apple named after the spectacular sunsets we get every evening at Stone Tree. It smells and tastes like fresh picked strawberries. When in slushy form it turns into a strawberry daiquiri!

  • Celebration

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 13.00 per bottle

    A cranberry, apple, blueberry blend that tastes like sangria! The explosion of flavor is similar to a firework going off!

  • Off The Vine

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 18.00 per bottle

    Made from our St. Croix grapes grown right here in our vineyard. This wine has been aged for two years in oak giving it a robust, smooth, and full-bodied mouth feel. This wine will delight the senses with notes of chocolate, sweet tobacco, with a dry finish. Serve at room temperature and enjoy!

  • Oaked Up

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 15.00 per bottle

    Made frrom purely organic apples. This wine has been aged in oak and fermented to a dry finish. It has taken on the characteristics of a smooth whisky with a fruity undertone. Best served chilled or over ice.

  • Rose Away

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 15.00 per bottle

    This is our fresh take on a classic rose. This semi-dry wine is created by co-fermenting our apple wine base, grape juice, and aging in oak. This wine is fruity and dry. Best enjoyed on a warm summer day in a chilled glass

  • Dah Mainah

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 13.00 per bottle

    Not your typical blueberry wine; this semi-sweet blend of apple and blueberry highlights the juicy sweetness of Maine wild blueberries. A hint of oak brings out the earthiness of fresh picked blueberries straight out of the field

  • The Bog Walk

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 13.00 per bottle

    Can we say, 'sour patch kid?!' This apple cranberry wine is best described as sour yet sweet. It highlights the natural tartness of fresh cranberries and keeps you coming back for more. This semi-sweet wine sure packs a punch with its pucker factor.

  • Dah Classic

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 13.00 per bottle

    Our sweet apple wine that truly highlights the fresh apple blend that goes into it. It is an easy drinking, thirst quenching beverage, and reminds you of simpler days; drinking fresh pressed apple juice and enjoying the great outdoors. We are hoping a glass a day keeps the doctor away!

Our Ciders

  • Original

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 12.00 per growler

  • Cherry Limeade

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 12.00 per growler

  • Sweet Apple

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 12.00 per growler

  • Blueberry Pie

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 12.00 per growler

  • Cranberry

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 12.00 per growler

  • Raspberry

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 12.00 per growler

  • Strawberry

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 12.00 per growler

  • Blackberry

    $ 6.00 per glass, $ 12.00 per growler

Our Frozen Wines

  • Pear

    $ 9.00 per glass

  • Blueberry Moscato

    $ 9.00 per glass

  • Sour Sangria

    $ 9.00 per glass

  • Albion Rd. Red

    $ 9.00 per glass

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